The Rising Cost of Healthcare is Causing Concern Among Americans

The last decade has seen a sharp increase in the cost of healthcare and Americans are wondering why. At the heart of the matter are many different factors that are influencing the overall price of care. Some of it is due to to providers and insurance companies charging more for services, sometimes irrationally. Other influences include patient behavior causing an increase in certain types of diseases that require regular treatment.

Research has found that more people are seeking medical treatment, putting pressure on the existing systems and increasing costs in turn. Pharmaceutical companies have raised costs of many medications along with increased spending on advertising. Healthcare providers are consolidating into larger networks which enable them to command higher prices. 

The modern, sedentary lifestyle is also contributing to healthcare costs. It’s estimated that treatment for chronic conditions such as diabetes makes up one-fifth of spending on healthcare in the U.S. An aging population means more people are seeking treatment than ever before, and joint replacement surgery amongst that population has caused the amount of surgeries to skyrocket.

There is no one reason for the costs of healthcare to rise. Instead, many variables can be pointed to for the reason that Americans are paying more for their medical needs.

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