Small Businesses Affected by Extended Policies in Healthcare Reform

A hot topic in the US today is healthcare reform. Here at Pilkington Financial Services of Sterling, CO we encourage you to stay up to speed on the latest changes. Small businesses, in particular, can anticipate the extension of a transitional policy previously enacted. This policy allows groups with coverage, such as within small businesses, to continue with their coverage if so opted by their health insurance providers. This means that policies that would otherwise have been canceled or terminated will no longer take place.

The policy will continue for the next two years, allowing those insured on or prior to October 1, 2016 to keep their existing coverage. Additionally, states can opt to adopt the policy previously announced and/or the extended transitional policy. Therefore, it is important to determine which policies will be in effect in your home state of Colorado if you are a small business owner or employee. To find out more information regarding the latest review in healthcare reform as it affects your circumstances in Colorado, please contact us at Pilkington Financial Services in Sterling.