March Brings Obamacare to a New Level

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) reaches a new level of maturity in its young life in March, 2014. This month the healthcare law takes on four new aspects.


  • Mandatory health insurance begins


March 31 is the deadline for adults who have no health insurance to get onboard with a policy. Those who do not have insurance must sign up by that date or face tax penalties.


  • Penalties for failure to carry insurance  


The penalties are not great in this first year of Obamacare’s health coverage, but the cost on non-compliance will increase substantially each year, becoming prohibitive very soon.


  • Tax credits kick in


As of this month, advance tax credits for insurance premiums are now part of the system. Lowest-income citizens will reap the greatest benefits at between 100-400 percent of the federal poverty level. But to qualify, your insurance must be obtained through an established state exchange.


  • Deductible co-pays for premiums begin


Out-of-pocket expenses are now also subsidized, but for an individual to be eligible, income must be below $29,000. For a family of four, the minimum is $59,000. One further stipulation is that you must enroll in the mid-level "Silver" plan to benefit from this component.


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