Get the Most Out of Medicare with a Broker’s Help

With the Affordable Care Act, health care has become much more complex. Medicare is no exception; there have been some pretty significant changes to the benefit structure. Some services, like physical exams and immunizations are available for free. The prescription drug gap, known as the donut hole, will phase out over time. On the other hand, some Medicare Advantage plans have eliminated dental care and some other previously available services.

A independent insurance broker can help you work through the changes to Medicare and select the best plan for your needs. Your broker can help you to:
1) Identify the services you expect to need, and help you find the best plan for those needs.
2) Make sure you do not overpay for services you will not expect to need.
3) Help you understand any changes that affect your Medicare Part D (Medicare Advantage) coverage and determine whether to choose a different plan going forward.
4) Help you fill out paperwork to enroll in the plan you select.

Pilkington Financial Services can help Colorado residents plan for all their health coverage needs. To learn more, contact us.