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..."Cindy established the health and long term care portion of the business in 1987. For 26 years, Cindy has provided northern Colorado with group and individual health insurance, Medicare products for seniors, long term care and disability insurance and Aflac. A member of the Colorado Association of Health Underwriters for years, Cindy served as an officer representing northern Colorado. ... Many carriers choose not to offer plans in rural areas, therefore creating less competition," said Cindy."... Read the Full Story Here>

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Vote NO on Colorado’s Amendment 69

This is not a partisan issue.  This is a Colorado issue that will affect each and every citizen and business


Colorado’s Single-Payer Health Care Would Die a Fiery Death

Reposted from Bloomberg L.P., August 15, 1016 By: Megan McArdle There are a lot of people in the U.S. who